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Hazel Halo Therapies

Welcome to Halo Therapies – this has been a dream come through since I started on my Reiki journey way back in 2006. I am so delighted to be able to reach more people than I would at my one off classes or a private session . This website is to connect me to more like minded spiritual beings so that we can help each other on this amazing journey called Life .

I decided to change my web site name to Halo Therapies as I have now moved into another field of healing called QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). In the last two years I have also trained in (Integrated Energy Theraphy) IET and I have been gifted from Spirit, a tool of healing people on a deep soul  level with my voice called :Light Language”. So which ever format of healing you choose you can find it above in the dropdown boxes attached.

Halo Therapies YouTube

You will also be able to subscribe to my You tube channel where I will be eventually hosting videos of some of my sessions.

Halo Therapies Blog

Each week I plan to do a blog post and if there is something exciting happening in the spiritual world I may even do 2 in a week . I have now stepped virtually out into the public domain to do what I was always meant to do, help people, one person at a time.

My Journey

From my younger days when I wanted to be a nun (nun were there was none wanted!).  To my singing/TV career that lasted over ten years  which I loved and helped me on my path. To finally my role as a mother to four beautiful sons, wife to my amazing husband and soul friend Martin. I have been a teacher and mentor to some wonderful soul’s.

I have finally arrived at where I want to be – “In the here and now, on my journey with my amazing Spiritual team, friends to help the world raise its vibration, one person at a time xx).

Love from my heart
Ps (Thanks to Darren Leahy for this amazing website that was done twice due to my indecisiveness;) and my fab husband Martin for just listening to me …….sometimes;)