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What is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique

This form of Energy Psychology is also known as tapping. It’s a technique like acupuncture without having to use physical needles. We use a tapping system to tap out negative energy that may be blocking the bodies energy system because of old traumas or memories from the past . EFT involves applying percussive tapping on specific points on the meridian energy lines of the body. These acu- point’s are on the surface of the skin and can be accessed very easily.

The original way or Classic EFT was 13 /14 tapping points on the meridian lines of the energy system but it was shortened to 8 positions which was just as effective. The practitioner has an option to use the others if needed.

EFT can be used for phobias , post traumatic stress,  serious illnesses , addictions  and pain.

As it targets the underlying causes of the problem or the energetic disturbance within the clients energy field.

All physical problems manifest on the body because of an emotional problem we have. If we can get to the root of this problem the physical  problems will most likely clear.


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