Reiki Level 3




Reiki Level 3 Masters Course

Reiki 3 Master/Teacher level
In level three you will learn the techniques needed to teach and attune others to the reiki energy.

The cost for The Reiki 3 Course is €345
Contact me for payment instructions.

Reiki Level 3 (Master & Teacher level)
Reiki Level 3 is open to anyone who has completed Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2 . We would prefer if you had at least one year at practicing Reiki since your level 2 Course .

The Reiki 3 degree is a wonderful course to complete for your own self development but this course also teaches you to become a Reiki Master and qualifies you to teach Reiki if you wish.
During the course, you will receive a further attunement to the Reiki energy which further increases your connection to the Reiki energy. You will be introduced to the remaining sacred Reiki symbols and be shown how to use them. You will learn new techniques that you can use in your healing journey. You will be shown how to attune others to each level of Reiki if you decide that you would like to teach Reiki at any point.

The course is run over three Wednesdays from 7-10pm and on the final week you will be given four initiations over thurs and fri night From 6-9:30pm.

Reiki Level 3 Course Content:

  • Revision of Reiki Level One & Two.
  • Revision of hand positions for self healing & healing of others.
  • Meditation & visualisation.
  • Learn the additional Reiki symbols.
  • Learn how to attune/initiate others into the Reiki energy.
  • Learn how to teach Reiki

In order to take the Master Degree all students are expected to undergo and have comprehensive knowledge to the following:

  • To attend a minimum of 3 Reiki training 1st or 2nd degree weekends as a volunteer .
  • To attend three evening of pre training tuition on the Wednesday night .
  • To be fully conversant working with the Reiki 2 symbols and have a full understanding of the chakra system.

You will receive a full colour manual and certificate at the course, details of your lineage & after the course continued support from me.
If you decide to teach Reiki, you are also welcome to sit in on one of the Reiki courses with me if you wish.

Each course is followed by a Reiki 3 top up attunement on a Reiki share night a month later .

The course costs €345 and will have refreshments included.
Please pay €100 deposit to secure your place.