Reiki Home Clearing




Reiki Home Clearing

Home clearing is a special process where I come to your home to clear negative energies.

This is a very positive experience for your family as our home can hold old negative energies in the walls, floors, curtain’s and furnishings from negative experiences that occurred there. While clearing negative energy can be hugely helpful, you still must take responsibility for your own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, health, and relationships. Energy in a house can be a factor in our wellbeing, but if our house is holding negative energy it can make you and your family feel down and generally not good.

Reiki Home Clearing Session:

  • We will have a quick chat about your life and your living space.
  • Then I will clear most of the negative energy out with my reiki energy and some crystals.
  • I will give you some options to buy crystals to leave in your house.

There are a few packages available

Please contact me for more information.