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QHHT is Quantum Hypnosis technique / Past Life Regression

Before you arrive to your appointment date please type out clearly a list of questions you would like to have addressed in your QHHT session.
Most of my clients write two lists; one about their life in general and the other about their health .
When you are in a deep relaxed state I will ask your Subconscious/Higher self  about your questions so they must be written clearly .

The night before your session please do not eat red meat or drink alcohol as this will effect the overall experience.

On the morning before you arrive:
Please eat a high protein breakfast so this will keep you full for the duration of your session and do not drink green or black tea or coffee.  This will help you relax more easily.

Please arrive on time for your appointment.
We will spend some time together so I can really get to know you well and you will be able to fully put your  trust in me to guide  you through your life story.
All of this information  is private and strictly confidential.
We will then talk about how easy it for me to guide you through this deep somnambulistic state of relaxation. All I want you to do is to just let go and allow this wonderful experience to occur.
We will talk about what you want to achieve from this session and finally we will address all of your questions .
This technique is truly amazing and we will journey together to get all of these questions answered so you can lead a much more fulfilling life.

After our chat I will gently guide you into a deep level of trance . This is such a natural state and it is very easy.
Once you start to see the images I will guide you all the way through the journey. Your Subconscious mind will guide us to the most appropriate life where we can look at them and  examine the experiences. The Subconscious will provide us with the information that may be effecting your current life. This part of the mind is so powerful and has infinite knowledge so this is were I will ask your questions so we can get to the core of your current issues and health problems.  During this time instantaneous healings can occur.

This whole session will last approx 3-5 hours
Please have a small snack with you for your journey home as once you come out of the session you will be hungry .

I will audio record this qhht session so you can listen to it at home . This is a very powerful part of the healing process as you  listen to what your higher self/Subconscious mind says about your life and the tips it has for you to heal each aspect of it. I recommend you listen to it at least once a week until you see the changes in your life.


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