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The beauty of Reiki is that the sessions are different each time, as the energy gives the person exactly what they need in that moment depending on where they are in their life on all levels of the body (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).

1-1 Reiki Session. REIKI is the ancient art of healing a person’s energy field by touch. It is a method of channeling life force energy to address not only physical disorder but can also heal mental , emotional and spiritual issues. It is a practice that works on the mind, body, and spirit .
Reiki is not a religion .The use of Reiki energy can be traced back in different cultures for thousands of years but was reintroduced in the late 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui , who was a Japanese Christian Educator.

Reiki flows through every living thing since it is universal life force energy . This is a very intelligent energy and it knows everything about a client that comes for a treatment.
The Reiki energy flows down through the top of the head of the practitioner from the universal energy source and exits out of their hands . As I place my hands on a number of positions on your body, the energy moves in and around your system naturally directing itself to the source of any imbalances. Consequently the outcome of each individual 1-1 Reiki Session is very different since it is determined by the system of the person receiving the treatment. Each person draws into themselves the amount of energy that they need at that time, to bring about the positive changes that they need in their life .

Preparing for your 1-1 Reiki Session:

  • Please arrive on time .
  • Wear comfortable clothes so you are not restricted to getting up on the healing bed.
  • Do not drink alcohol before coming to a session.
  • Your 1-1 Reiki Session will last around 75 mins .
  • I will explain how the Reiki energy works and how it will flow through your body naturally.
  • Then you will have a 1 hour session on the bed.
  • When this is finished we will have a quick chat about where you have energy blocks and what we can do to help you with this .
  • Drive know plenty of water for a few days after to  flush the negative emotions out of your body  in a natural  physical way.

I have limited 1-1 Reiki Session slots in a day
Please be aware I have 5-time slots on Monday,Tuesday ,Wednesday and Thursday at 9, 10.30am ,12 and 2.30pm and 4pm.
Or evening 5.30pm on Tues and Thurs only .


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