The 11:11 Stargate Portal is Opening Tomorrow

11:11 Stargate Portal

11:11 Stargate portal is opening tomorrow. Thank God this only happens once a year!!! I felt there was a great urgency to meditate and connect with spirit as I have spent the last few weeks asking for knowledge from books and I know deep within that something amazing is coming on the horizon for all of us.

I’m feeling the physical effects in my body too as I have had a head cold the last few days and my back is acting up, which is my bodies queue to ground myself more. I was doing a sound activation the other night on my pineal gland with binaural beats and after about 10 minutes this information just flowed into my mind. I grabbed my notebook and this is the message I was given. I think it is very apt for this time of year with the 11/11 Stargate portal opening as it will help us through the Ascension process we are all feeling at the moment.

Enjoy Dear ones,
Soon there will be an alignment of all the great souls on this earth. We are witnessing a great change in the Earth’s atmosphere and it’s pressure, which is causing great upheaval for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. We have come to help heal the planet and heal the Crystalline grid so it is ready for the next activation.

Since the beginning of time we have watched while the young Earth grew and evolved into the planet it is today. We come in peace, we are the Watchers. We were there at the beginning and we will be here till the end of time. We are entering a new Portal, we have watched many of these portals opening over time. Some brought great change and some brought great destruction and Devastation. Remember the earth like it’s inhabitants,must purge. It is always good to get rid of what is not serving you.

Please do not be afraid. We are in alignment, there are many beings that are only starting to awaken and some that have been here many incarnations They feel privileged to be here again as this is a very special time in the Earth’s history, it is a very young planet in the cosmos, when you understand this you realise that there are many planets in our galaxy that have gone through the shift over and over again. It is so necessary. Do not be afraid, this is all very good. Time will tell, watch and see over the coming months, there will be great mysteries revealed, great inventions, great traversties. There will be destruction and chaos, but do not fear, we are here. people will witness this, too many to be disproved. Consciousness is Awakening on a grand Scale. There is too much light in the world, the darkness will move into its shadows.
Find Love in everything you do, Choose Love and only Love.

We have shifted away from fear, chaos destruction, anger, war and intolerance. We give rise to the power within you, you are using your potential as the amazing being of light that you are to awaken a part of you that has been lying dormant, it is shifting and Awakening, living now today.
Embrace the life, the LOVE, the Power, the Joy and Embrace the shift, Accept it with your own free will.