The First Reiki Courses of 2017 will Start This Week

Reiki Courses of 2017

This week I start the first reiki courses of 2017. The new level 3 Master students begin their training tomorrow evening. I think back to Feb 2012 when my first HALO reiki friends asked me about my training for my master level cert in Usui reiki. At that time I really only wanted to have the three certificates on my wall, to be at the top of my field as I certainly didn’t see myself doing courses and teaching it.

Now 11 years practicing Reiki healing I’ve realised how much I have learned and that I’m still learning. I will be learning till the day I die. There are no masters really. Even my Aunty Ethel that has taught me and has been practicing reiki for over 30 years is still learning.

In the quest for spiritual growth and knowledge, I have climbed into my bed each night over a mountain of spiritual books. Sometimes I would read a book a few times and each time it would resonate with me differently. As if the spirit guides from beyond the veil are helping me understand a situation in my life, on that day through the books.

Every day I’m taught lessons through my healing practice. Every day I learn something new that helps me move forward to help others. One example is how one lady came to me with heart problems that were affecting her breathing and her blood pressure. As I worked on her chakra system I realised her heart chakra was really blocked from emotional trauma, which she later told me was from her childhood. I told her to take a deep breath in and visualise filling her chest with golden light. Then I asked her to slowly breath out any worries or traumas and ‘let them all go’. She said she immediately felt her heaviness in her heart lift and she could see green and pink in her mind ( third eye chakra)
That week I had another two ladies with the same problems in the heart chakra and each client taught me how to deal with the next one.

We learn so much from practicing Reiki each day. Each time we use our hands to help heal someone the practitioner’s aura glows brighter and brighter. They become a shining light to someone that is in need of their help and knowledge.

Sometimes people ask me questions I can’t answer and when I ask my guides in prayer to help me out the information comes through a book, a documentary on TV or even through a client the next day. They never let me down.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences and that means we don’t KNOW it all. We are here to learn, like earth school and each lesson that is learned we close a door and move on. We don’t jump from junior infants to graduating college, there are lots of levels in between and with it life experiences.
Meditation is so important even if it’s only a few minutes a day to quieten the mind and go within yourself. This is where the inner knowledge is. Remember that there is a spark God is within each and every one of us. The more knowledge we gain the brighter that spark grows. Then, in turn, they spark off someone else.

In the great words of Mahatma Gandi “Thousands of candles can be lit by a single candle and the life of that candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”
I wish all our new students the best on their spiritual journey. Now go out and light some candles!!