Clare Clarke is Two Years with the Angels

Clare Clarke

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my beautiful friend Clare Clarke. I’ll never forget the first day my friend Gill asked me to help her out doing a Reiki session on her friend Clare from her childhood.

Clare had just found out she once again had to put her boxing gloves on and take on Cancer. I was shown a picture of her very poorly in a hospital bed with her two young daughters Katie and Ava-Grace by her side. I immediately agreed to help Gill do a session on her in my Reiki room once she came home from her treatment.The following week Clare arrived and we spoke about Reiki and her illness. We asked her do you want to live and she said her doctors had given her a very bleak prognosis as this was her second time to get it after being nearly 5 years in remission with breast cancer. I remember saying “Well let’s prove those doctors wrong?” “Doctors are human and they make mistakes too! “. She smiled and agreed to her healing session.

We put her up on the bed and we worked away and just told her to allow the healing to take place – Reiki is universal life force energy and it knows exactly where to go, so we trusted it to flow. On that night it definitely gave her spirit a lift and put the fight back in her belly.
The next day we both received a message to say she really enjoyed her session and she was not giving up. She wanted to fight it and we had helped her feel empowered to heal herself.

Her Reiki journey began, she got weekly sessions and very soon she wanted to learn all about Reiki. She went on to do her level one and two. We were so delighted with her progress; she was drinking her green smoothies, eating her bitter Apricot Kernels (natural cancer treatment) and Reiking herself every day. She Reikied everyone she met, sometimes without them knowing. She made us laugh and cry everyday with her amazing personality and we cherished every minute we had with her.

When Clare was diagnosed with cancer, her 2 daughters were both very young and Clare decided that she needed to get help for her children to deal with what she was going through. Clare found that there were very little services available to help children in these difficult times. When Clare discovered Climb® which is a project to help these families, she was saddened to hear it was only available to families in Belfast and Tuam. She was a woman on a mission. She put her head down and did fundraiser after fundraiser with her family and friends to get the money together to have this support group rolled out across Ireland.

I only knew her for a very short time but she has such a special place in my heart and the hearts of everyone who she touched with her beautiful energy.
I believe she came here to teach everyone in her life to be a fighter and to never give up. She would say “Girls I come for Reiki so I can – Let it out” because I suppose behind it all there was a human side of her that was a small bit afraid of leaving us. She would say ” I’m gonna haunt you all if I die “.

Clare, who had battled bravely against cancer for 6 years finally gave Cancer two fingers on January 31st 2015 at the age of 35years old , the same day that the first Climb® facilitators completed their training in LARCC, Multyfarnham in Westmeath.
She came here to this earth – to be a child, a sister, a loving mother, a wife, a Reiki practioner and an amazing friend to so so many.

One of her greatest achievements; the establishment of Climb® at 9 centres across the country which without her illness she would not have done.
She drops by from time to time to say Hi from Heaven – a butterfly is always her calling card.

For more info visit and please donate Climb 4 Clare.


We miss you sweetheart, now don’t be wrecking Jesus head asking him questions all day xxx