Premium Home Energy Cleansing Gift



This gift is similar to our New Home Cleansing Gift with a few items added in. This premium Gift contains a smudge kit to clear your  aura and your space. This clears negativity, cleanses, focuses and purifies any room  which is being smudged.

4 Tourmaline  tumble stones .These rough pieces to be placed  in the 4 corners of your house or outside in the 4 corners of your gardens. This will help protect your house of negative energies.

1 Singing Bowl. This can be used inside your house before you do a smudge in a room

1 Himalayan salt lamp 2/3kg .This removes psychic debris from your energy body and your room. It cleanses and purifies the air.  Enhances feelings of peace ,calm and happiness which encourages relaxation.

(Always remember to turn on the lamp in a room for 30mins a day to keep lamp from getting wet )

1 box of Nag Champa incense sticks and a wooden Ash Catcher

1 Black Dream Catcher to help ward off bad dreams and negative thoughts especially at night  .

1 Citrine Tea light holder . For the best results ,this is to be placed in the furthest left hand corner of your home.According to feng shui  this will bring  abundance of love , health and wealth. It also removes negative energy and improves the mood in any room.



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