Angel White Paper Mobile


Angel white paper mobile with hearts and chime bells. Once the wind blows ,helps to clear a room of negative energy with its beautiful ringing bells.

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Angel White Paper mobile umbrella with angels & hearts dusted lightly with glitter and hanging tiny bells and metal beads. This mobile is made from fair trade Saa paper handmade in Thailand . The craftsmen take it from the bark of the mulberry tree so it allows the tree to keep growing. When the mobile is placed near a door or window the wind will blow the chime bells making a beautiful sound and helps clear stagnant energies in any room .
Size : H65 x D22cm

Purchased under fair trade. Behind every craft is a fascinating story of  Thailand’s local people , many of whom face difficulties. By paying fair prices, ensuring good working conditions and caring for the environment. Profits are used to provide capacity building training and offer financial benefits in all parts of Thailand.



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